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Community Impact Summit – Press Release


The Foster City Chamber of Commerce Hosts
A New Kind of Annual Meeting

May 18, 2021

FOSTER CITY, CA (May 3, 2021)—The Foster City Chamber of Commerce is excited to host its Annual Meeting and impact!Awards this year in a fully digital format. This virtual program will provide a unique opportunity to learn about the impact, advocacy, and strategic initiatives that the Chamber has, and will, embark upon. Over the course of the past 10 years the Chamber has taken this opportunity to “look back” and reflect on its accomplishments and lessons learned as well as offer a “look ahead” to the priorities, areas of focus and commitments it will deliver for the continued evolution of our community. This year, on May 18, 2021 at 4pm PDT the Chamber will empower the voices of those in the community who shaped the Chamber in 2020. They will take center stage together sharing their extraordinary circumstances, challenges, and successes that impacted our community and region. And offer their perspective on the continued priorities and needs they see for continued collaboration and recovery over the next months.

This past year, as we struggled with a worldwide health emergency that tested the very fabric of our communities and economies, the Foster City Chamber has been fueled by one singular purpose, to help and support any and ALL members of our community.“As we all navigate the roads ahead,” says Cliff Berry, Chair of the Foster City Chamber of Commerce Business Leadership Council “it is through the tireless efforts of our Chamber of Commerce, its members and partners, that we have seen businesses find new opportunities, and ways to engage, combat and restore their communities. ” It was with this focus that the Chamber CARES Initiative was conceived and launched at the onset of the shelter in place.

The Chamber continues to adapt and change as the community and region navigates a hopeful road to recovery. Through continued outreach, education and advocacy, the Chamber found its focus in the phrase “Community is our Business.” Nathan Tsai, Chairman of the Board commented “I find it profoundly impactful that businesses trust the Foster City Chamber with any problem they are facing during this time. It does not simply have to be business-related, but they rely upon us to help them problem solve, work challenges, and find solutions together.” We believe there is no better way to share that message with our community and members than by breaking and rebuilding models to better serve all as we forge a new path together.

With the Chambers’ experienced City Council Liaison and community’s new City Manager, the Chamber is working diligently to usher in a new era of leadership, collaboration and support. The City has been invited to participate in this program and will share its vision and mission for a “Sustainable Foster City”.

The Annual Meeting and impact!Awards will be hosted by Joanne Bohigian, Principal of whaddyathink LLC, served as CEO of the Foster City Chamber of Commerce from 2012-2017 and now serves as its Chair for Development and Programming; and Dan Demers, Executive Artistic Director of Hillbarn Theatre & Conservatory, the oldest theatre in operation in San Mateo County, serves as Vice Chair of Finance and Administration for the Foster City Chamber of Commerce and is an ardent advocate for the arts and community.

This free event will be viewable on the Chambers YouTube Live channel