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Foster City Snapshot

Sustainable Foster City is a holistic approach that embraces the common sense notion that long-term economic prosperity, social equity and ecological health not only go together, they depend on each other.

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Foster City was incorporated on:

April 27, 1971

Foster City has ONE Police Station
ONE Fire Station
THREE Community Centers
ONE Public Library
FOUR square miles of town
TWO-HUNDRED TWELVE acres of lagoon

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Foster City has THREE public K-5 schools
ONE new elementary school on its way
ONE public middle school
NUMEROUS private K-5 and preschools

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Annual Household Income


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There are over 900 elementary & middle school graduates of the anti-gang program G.R.E.A.T.


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The poverty level in Foster City is 73% lower than the national average.


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Home ownership in Foster City
is over 58%.


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There are 24 parks around town to give folks clean outdoor spaces.


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Foster City is ranked as the
98th Safest City in the country.


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There are 900 residents trained as
C.E.R.T. members.

Where the Money Comes From

1 Property Tax 56.96%
2 Transient occupancy tax 8.37%
3 Property tax in lieu of vehicle license fee 8.08%
4 Sales tax 6.89%
5 Charges for current services 4.52%
6 Bus license tax 3.54%
7 Permits + fees 3.17%
8 Franchise tax 2.43%
9 Other 6.04%
Where the Money Comes From Chart

Where the Money Goes

1 Police 30.56%
2 Fire 23.50%
3 Parks & Rec 20.76%
4 Gen Govt 10.47%
5 Comm Dev 6.92%
6 Public Works* 6.39%
7 Other 1.39%

*Excludes water and wastewater enterprise funds

where the money goes chart
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Average POLICE response time
for priority calls


Average FIRE response time
for priority calls

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Median AGE of residents


All stats on this page source: City of Foster City, FY 2018-2019.