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Board of Directors Application


The Foster City Chamber of Commerce is a vibrant business advocacy organization. As a nonprofit 501(c)6 membership-based organization, the Chamber has been a leading champion of entrepreneurialism and economic prosperity for over 50 years.

The Chamber is organized to protect, maintain, promote, and grow the economic and business resources in Foster City while enhancing the quality of life in the community and protecting its natural resources. Members of the Chamber realize the advantage of coordinating efforts to develop sustainable civic, industrial, and commercial growth within the community through advocacy, education, networking, and active involvement.

 TITLE:              Member, Board of Directors

REPORTS TO:  Chair and General Membership

Summary:  The Members of the Board of Directors are the elected representatives of the Chamber’s general membership and have ultimate responsibility for all Chamber operations. In that capacity, the Board shall formulate and review various policies, proposed actions, programs, and projects which serve the best interests of the Chamber and the community.

This is a two-year commitment with an expected average of 4-6 hours a month.


Duties and Responsibilities:


  1. Annually develop a set of basic Chamber objectives and continually monitor and direct the Chamber’s progress toward obtaining those objectives.
  2. Set the overall policy of the Chamber.
  3. Recommend changes in the Bylaws and elect officers as required by the Bylaws.
  4. Be a sounding board for the Chamber membership in representing the business community.
  5. Take an interest in the organization and spend the time necessary to give proper attention to the affairs of the Chamber.
  6. Work constructively and harmoniously with the officers, committee chair, and staff.
  7. Exercise sound judgment in considering the issues being addressed by the Chamber.
  8. Provide the personal leadership, enthusiasm, and support necessary to help coordinate and build an effective organization.
  9. Inspire others to respond to worthwhile causes sponsored by the Chamber and motivate others to help arrive at solutions to community problems.
  10. Encourage committees in the completion of their assigned tasks.
  11. Attend all meetings and functions of the Board of Directors.
  12. Study and review the budgetary and fiscal needs of the Chamber and help broaden the organization's financial resources.
  13. Defend the Chamber against criticism. Where criticism is justified, work to remedy the conditions causing the criticism by bringing the matter to the attention of the entire Board.