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Business Leadership Council (BLC)

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Purpose:  Created by the Foster City Chamber of Commerce to provide an avenue for business and industry senior leaders to have open and frank dialogue on local issues affecting our businesses in a relaxed and collegial environment. This invitation only forum will help build relationships among trusted peers.   As the Chamber of Commerce, we realize the advantage of coordinating efforts to develop sustainable civic, industrial and commercial growth within the community through advocacy, education, networking and active involvement.  For more information and details about this group and how to join, please contact the Chamber office at (650) 573-7600 or


Approach BLC accomplishes its mission by leading a high profile, proactive advocacy program at the local level for business interests throughout Foster City and the 92 Corridor focusing on key initiatives such as improving infrastructure, enhancing workforce development, increasing the support and range of workforce housing and promoting robust economic development.


Objective Create a history of accomplishments which may include assisting in reorganizing local governance structures, advancing business-friendly legislation, leading local and regional economic development opportunities, helping charitable partners achieve their financial objectives, promoting high-tech/clean-tech and innovation initiatives and numerous other programs.