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Businesses Doing it Right

Take a tour of 15 organizations working both with and within the community, while having eyes on the future


With each new drug discovery, Gilead seeks to improve the care of millions of patients living with life=threatening diseases around the world, including regions where access to medicine is limited or does not yet exist.


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Science from Scientists

Science from Scientists’ mission is to teach and inspire the next generation to identify and solve real-world problems by improving STEM literacy.


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San Mateo-Foster City Education Foundation

How has recent growth in Foster City affected our elementary and middle school public education system?


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Penelope's Coffee & Tea

Amidst the hustle of living, working and playing at the epicenter of Silicon Valley, Penelope's Coffee and Tea offers its patrons a place to slow down, to be a part of a community, and remember that life is at its best when shared.


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Urban Feel - Lennar creates a perfect lifestyle for ages 55 and better.

Foster Square is their first new home community in the Bay Area exlusively for homebuyers aged 55+



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The future of mobility is taking shape right here in Foster City!  The Zoox vehicle will make the steering wheel - the first thing that could kill you today in a conventional car crash - obsolete.  It will also have 360-degree perception, removing the need for things like rear-view and side-view mirrors.


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Visit CuriOdyssey, and watch your children's innate curiosity lead them to an early and lasting interest in science.  Best of all, they'll think they're just having fun!



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Project Build Up

Success in Numbers

How "Build Up for San Mateo County's Children" is addressing our child care and preschool shortage.



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Hillbarn Theatre

For 80 years Hillbarn Theatre and its Conservatory (celebrating its 20th anniversary) have been a testament to shaping minds and warming hearts in the community.  It's their contribution to humanity - to ease the burden of life, to make us laugh, to stir our emotions.


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Foster City Lions Club

Chartered in 1967, the Foster City Lions Club has been a vital force in the development and growth of Foster City for over 50 years.  The service journey is an approach to living well and making a real difference that people can see and feel through volunteerism.

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Samaritan House

Just a 5 minute drive from Foster City, the Samaritan House headquarters in San Mateo showcases an operation serving a full breadth of essential services and personalized support to the working poor.  Since 1974, Samaritan House has kept clients fed, clothed, healthy and housed - An enduring community working together in the fight to break the cycle of poverty.



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The Big Lift

The Big Lift ™ is a bold social venture that seeks to give kids the boost needed in the early years so that they enter kindergarten ready to read by third grade and succeed in life.  Their goal is to move the needle in San Mateo County from 50% to 80% of kids' reading proficiency by third grade.

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San Mateo County Libraries

Open for Exploration

It speaks to their role in enriching the community, supporting unparalleled access to information and ideas, celebrating open-mindedness and life-long learning, and providing a welcoming atmosphere for all.

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Rotary Club of Foster City

People of Action

Rotary provides a path to serve the community and participate in global projects.



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The Foster City Village

A Village reflects the community it serves and transforms the "Silver Tsunami" into a "Silver Reservoir" that grows and strengthens its community.  Village members engage in service to improve their communities through volunteerism, advocacy and collaboration.



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